EVANGELIZATION: CATHOLIC SPACE IS CRUCIAL Read MoreJesus sent His disciples to go forth to all nations and baptize them in the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. As the history evolved, Christendom has played a big role in bringing millions to Salvation. Countries like Italy, Brazil, Spain, Philippines, and Poland had shown so much great manifestation of God's glory. However, the main responsibility of these countries/kingdoms are to let their citizens live in order, they did not exist to evangelize. This condition usually makes their government not able to perpetually secure God's position in the society. Regardless of how unstable human social systems are, a centralized community of Christians is a highly effective space to evangelize. Their forms can include union, community, sports, industries or others.
PASTORAL: PRIESTS MUST JOURNEY WITH THE SOCIETY Read MoreThe Roman Catholic state has shrunk into now a small city of Vatican for various good reasons, but the resulting impact is still far from being publicly acknowledged. The Church that knew how to help societies run kingdoms often has no longer direct access to issues overcrowding the media & international interests. When there are voids of pastoral influence in those issues, the issues are slowly filled by anyone in power who, quite often enough, had no Jesus in the consideration. New forms of designed processes, designed products, designed interactions, designed experiences and many others have outnumbered the amount of information that can be pastored by the Church unless the Church is onboard in the same environment.
WORK LIFE: JOBS & SKILL APPLICATIONS ARE CRUCIAL IN CATHOLIC SOCIETY Read MoreChurch who helped and worked with Artist to make St. Peter Basilica, had become a Church who are praying for artists to come back and use their talent. Industrial, electronics, digital, and robotic eras are highly shaped by the world sometimes without significant Church pastoral influences while being developed. This situation has raised issues like both the Church or the Faith are no longer relevant. Irrelevance is marked on the people of the Church, then on God. A healthy Church is a Church who journeys with the people, in Her operation, there is no economical body in the Church known to the public that can provide plenty of rooms for the same professional skill sets demanded by the society. This situation has made young professionals have no applicable seats in the Church Society. Often enough, the Church is viewed as a place to get spirituality, friendships, morality, other humanitarian issues but she can no longer sustain the life of a person as a whole due to rapid shifts in economy and professions. Let's look at investment, business, technology, medical research, construction, civil, infrastructure, and entertainment as a few examples, many professionals we dealt with have no idea how to help the mission of the Church other than giving their talents when asked. In particular, it was not until recently that Catholics started going after the information technology industry.
SPIRITUAL LIFE: MYSTICISM IS A KEY FOR MAJOR CONVERSIONS. Read MoreAt the same time, spirituality is sometimes reduced to either way of life or state of mind, where the Holy Spirit is not allowed to manifest freely. Some Catholic cultures across the globe greatly admire Padre Pio, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Peter, and many other mystics, but lacks an effort or bravery or directors to approach total unitive spiritual union with Christ in their Body Soul, & Spirit. The fear of being wrong and cannot make mistake strongly some individuals to not approach many parts of deep Christian Spirituality. This fear also leads some to the seek of Eastern Energy Channeling and other New Age Meditations as something cool, while some Christians do not believe that God wants to manifest in a person more than an alignment of will.
PHILOSOPHICAL LIFE: WISDOM & BALANCE ARE NEEDED Read MoreInfluenced by St. Paul, the Church was founded on a secular philosophical methodology, the Greek. Over and over again, since Moses, God's people have been influenced and shaped by good systems around them. With the attempt to get in communion with the Orthodox Church, it might be a good time as a Church to welcome benign eastern philosophies into Church ecosystem. One of the examples of great eastern philosophy that was well adopted by many desert fathers, is a notion of balance (or wisdom). Practical balancing around equilibrium is needed in addition to knowledge, for knowledge by itself might build polarization such as fundamentalism and traditionalism. In contrast, a balance in itself without the Church could fall into ignorant of Truth. Church members especially in the west may need to adopt diversity in theological approaches to justly maintain the future communion in harmony. Distinguishing between what are dogmas and what are spiritualities in a practical culture are very important. We believe globalization does not only impact cultures and economies, but it could also penetrate and open up new forms of spiritualities.
CULTURAL LIFE: INNOVATION REBUILDS A CULTURE Read MoreIf we look at Silicon Valley. When people from various backgrounds and cultures are co-located for work, they learn not only to respect differences but to also pull out both the strengths and weaknesses of each other to form a new culture. The Church too can strategically point out the beauty of each person and thus help shape void culture with love whenever there is an innovation, and by doing so reduces the impact of cultural weaknesses softly without great & formal efforts. This ecosystem is a vulnerable environment where Christ's Love is highly needed in the forms of acceptance, accompaniment, and love. Note: The end goal is not to use a situation to play over human mentality, but to walk with them & lead them to Christ. Just as God accompanied Adam in the new creation.
Controversies came one after another in the world of innovation & spirituality: economy of sharing, open culture, virtual experience, intellectual property. These were great innovations with no direct contact with Church until someone brought the Church personnel over to give some insights. We are calling for priests and bishops to walk with inventions and renewal created by anyone. Let's again become a Church who listens, walks, explores and falls with the people, so we get up together. Rather than being well-known as one who sets rules and impeccably disapproves. This will hopefully bring back the word "Catholic" to be highly accepted by those whose hearts have been called by the Father. Sometimes, it is not so much about the belief that causes controversy in the society, but how we as Church approach each other. Jesus said, "you will be known by your love".


PROPOSAL: We believe the Church is a society too, more than a pastor, the Body of Christ that should function in all dimension. Therefore, we propose to advance our dream of New Jerusalem in the guidance of wisdom of the Church that allows individuals to dream for Jesus, not as gods like babel, but as disciples of Christ. Catholicer is an ecosystem with Franciscan spirituality to function as the operation-unifier body part of the Catholic Church to build this Christendom 2.0, Catholicer pledges irrevocable obedience to the pope of Rome. Catholicer operates outside, but through, with, and in Jesus and His Church. Building Catholic "FAITH Industries"™, we prepare entrepreneurs and professionals to manifest their full potentials to "love your neighbor" with divine love, charity, spirituality, and mercy onto real human needs through cultivations of resources, actions, cultures, and tools. A place where God dwells and we are His people. Different Charisms but one goal of the Resurrection of mankind.
  1. For Love of God & His Church should only this industry be built on.
  2. We invite all people of good will to participate in the spirit of healthy diversity.
  3. We encourage everyone to live and do what Jesus did in the Gospel, not merely believing it.
  4. Just like the Church, Catholicer wants to be a point of unity, not for self-centered individualism, opportunistic addiction, or rebellion.
  5. While keeping their calling in their organization, we invite any religious communities or companies to work with each other in our ecosystem.
We are Christian, another Christ by the virtue of Sacrament of Chrism. Let's dream big and make build industries as our loving sacrifice for Jesus Christ.


To achieve this Christendom 2.0, we need to set an example, and a FaithTech Industry is what Catholicer focus first. To remove silos in the Church and start sharing what each has to offer like the Early Christian what they need is the first step of harmoniously restructuring the Church operations from outside without impacting the internal hierarchy.
FaithTech that Catholicer envisions encompasses SpiritTech, ConstructionTech, FamilyTech, EduTech, ChurchTech, LifeTech, InfoTech, MercyTech, PrayerTech, CommuneTech, and many others.
It seems the Church Industry situation in the face of technology has entered the previous .COM era decades ago, falling into various overly protected copyright issues, the tech adoption, scarce of demands and transferable talents, starting something up, yes, we are late, but let not again we be late, for our spouse Christ the King is waiting. We are calling for Interaction Designers, Behavior Designers, and any other Designers to fill in the industry with designs and concepts that lead to a unitive experience of Jesus Christ to prepare bridge the Religious Orders with deep spiritual life and the Tech people, to democratize those spiritualities.


Community, Process, & Spirituality have been proven to be effective carriers of Evangelization. With communities, a society creates their own identity and culture. Couple for Christ, as an example, at one point had 1 million members. With strategy & structure, a society removes confusion and work for the same mission. Let's look at how much Mercy has been part of the Christian conversation after Pope Francis declared the year of Mercy. With Spirituality, people experience kerygma, love, draw, wonder, conversions, sanctification. St. Francis with His Spirituality & Mystical Experiences has been a vehicle by God to draw millions or billions souls to Him.
Catholicer focuses on creating F-Corporation concepts to embody these important aspects of evangelization. F-Corporation is a for-profit/non-profit organization registered under Catholicer, for business/charity/others, which bylaws and operations reflect the following:
  • Pledge obedience to a Bishop in a Diocese in communion with the Roman Catholic Church or to Pope of Rome and their successors.
  • That the organization is irrevocably a Catholic organization, will comply with all Catholic Teachings & Local Authority the best they can.
  • The main task of all leaders in the company is to discern the will of God the Father, then to serve, then, to lead.
  • There must at least be 1 member who comes from the order of clergy or religious community in the Board of Director / Volunteers
  • Have a chaplain from a religious order with pontifical right to spread the spirituality into the operation.
  • Ministry, faith, work, life, social, and family are inseparably important in the company culture.
  • Have a Catholicer Home reside within it. All Catholics in the organizations are encouraged to join as part of their working time. All C-level or Senior Level Catholics' full participation is expected.
  • At least 30% of the revenue must be equally reallocated to support Catholic Church (10%), Charity towards the Poor (10%), Catholic Business (10%).
  • Customers it serves will be a mix of Church, Charity, Catholic Business, and others.


is a Catholic Entrepreneur with deep spirituality and catechetically well formed. As an entrepreneur or leader of companies, one constantly discerns the will of God and prays extensively. One is free to exercise their spirituality in how they operate but following the footstep of one or more proclaimed saints in the Catholic Church are much more recommended. Faith Entrepreneur is a formally or informally consecrated person to God the father, and the main goal of his/her operations cannot be other than to evangelize.