Rooted in Franciscan spirituality, our volunteer-based movement helps Catholic Professionals create companies that evangelize.

We create an entrepreneurial ecosystem for a new form of Catholic Business called a Faith Corporation™.

A Faith Corporation is a for-profit social enterprise nourished by religious communities. The type of work that it performs can range from tech companies to running a restaurant.


Looking for Christian Professionals to join our movement in the US.



By living out the Gospel together in the company as a culture, while believing that the knowledge of Christ is a human right. We need to lovingly share Jesus without proselytizing (Redemptoris Missio). We understand that each culture has different degree of acceptance of faith and of business, but the core goal is always to love God and our neighbors:

  • The Church, by welcoming Her activities and by donating time and resources for Her work.
  • The Poor, by donating, enabling, or serving them as part of company and employee activities.
  • The F-Corps, by supporting, sharing resources to other F-Corps.
  • The Employees, by giving them access to religious activities and experience a spiritual culture of a Saint.
  • The Customers, by giving what they need while treating them as a brother in Christ.


If you feel called to become an entrepreneur and you have a solid formation in Catholic spiritual community, such as the Carmelite, the Franciscan, the Dominican, or others, this might be a good fit for you to balance the your spiritual and professional fruits. Tech, media and micro businesses are the industries with least barrier of entry, but we are actively working to accomodate more industries. You need to prove over time,

  • to put God first, neither money, power, fame, nor career.
  • to be open to take financial risk.
  • to be ready to make a fulltime move to start a for-profit spiritual enterprise.
  • to be coachable, prayerful, communal, walking in faith, and resilient.


  • Professionals and Entrepreneurs in diocesan or pontifical lay Catholic spiritual communities, like the Opus Dei or Couple for Christ.
  • Missionaries in area with political and religious oppressions.
  • Religious who look for opportunities like the Priest Worker Movement.
  • Dioceses that support Catholic for-profit social-entreprise.
  • Dioceses that focus on spiritual and pastoral work more than administration and professionalism.
  • Dioceses that encourage Catholic Professionals to live out their spirituality.
  • Orders, dioceses or bishop conferences in the countries with faith-related economic oppression.


  1. We are building an F-Corp online tool for future Catholic Entrepreneurs to provide effective and legitimate Catholic space and culture in their business.
  2. We are making an F-Corp in Silicon Valley to set an example and do all due diligence to help remove all barriers from other entrepreneurs who are lining up.

On top of that, we are serving F-Corp entrepreneur support group, and welcome other entrepreneurs to join us in this early stage. We have various free tech platforms to support Catholic startups to easily adopt shared data and tech, in particular, our Single-Sign-On service for lower customer acquisition cost. .


An entrepreneurial ecosystem doesn't necessarily have to own an incubator. However, it is in our long-term roadmap to create an F-Corp incubator as we believe the corporate culture can be propagated in three ways, by creating an F-Corp association, by helping them build business and let our values influence them, and by creating a technology that helps them run their HR and corporate culture.


Like St. Francis of Assisi who helped the leppers, we discern what God wants of us and ask the Church for permission. We have asked pontifical religious orders, bishops, chancellors, and bishop conferences in a couple different countries to operate and got their blessing for this decentralization of Catholic Identity into corporate model. We choose not to disclose the dioceses or conferences due to 4 reasons: 1. We are in the early stage and continue to monitor the viability in each country. 2. The nature of political, social and communication risks involved in some of these countries. 3. We are not currently seeking applications. 4. Some of them have asked not to be disclosed.


Ignatius Darren Gozali


Public Tech Corporate Backgrounds

Br. Marvin Abella OFM.Cap.


Capuchin Friar with IT & Entrepreneur Background

Fr. Paul Griesgraber


Contemplatives, Coach

Stefannie Kodrat

CPA Partner

Audit Manager at MGO

Clarissa Short

Strategist + Treasurer

Finance Professional with experience in Healthcare and Biotech.

Maria Winarni


Associate at A.T. Kerney

Hans Sulistio

Product Analyst

Entrepreneur & PM at Traveloka

Andre Moreno


Communication at Archdiocese of Los Angeles


Arturo Perez

Founder of Kluge Interactive

Dc. Rory Desmond

Former Executive & Economist at Charles Schwab

Felix The

Build Revenue at Unity. Former Hawaiian Air & Ex Oliver Wayman

Dc. Steve Greco

Former Bristol-Myers Squibb Sales SVP

Edy Lee

Loket.com CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, LOJF Member.

Derry Connolly

President, John Paul the Great Catholic University

Ivan Sandjaja

Head of GEN Indonesia. Former Director of Ciputra Incubator.


Catholicers who operates specifically in ASEAN.

Nesya Fandhi


Xpero head finance & former Huawei compliance coordinator

Jeff Prasetyo

CSpace Jakarta Guardian

Business person & runs a Dental Clinic

Dion Evan Alam


Serial Entrepreneur

Lawrence Samantha


Serial Entrepreneur in US & SEA

Regina Iskandar


LOJF Minister & Dentist

Arnol Susanto

Tax Partner

Tax Specialist

Erenst Anip

Connection Partner


Lucius Andi Putra

Singapore Ecosystem Coordinator

Getfash Co-founder

Albert Suryadi

Australia Ecosystem Coordinator

Analytics and Data Science leader




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