There are 3 level of involvements in catholicer, the more committed you are, the more you experience.

  • Busy? Register and let us pray for you. That's it. You can Volunteer if you like.
  • Called to do more? Become a Minister and use your talents and time for our society.
  • Lord is calling? Become a Tech Missionary, apply & grow faith tech in the society.

Missionary alumni? Go forth baptize any technology into Christ death in FaithTech industry outside Catholicer.

Global Prayer System

Let the world pray for your soul and intentions.

Be in Community

Join nearest catholicer home community. Find & Meet Catholicers around you.

Incubator Experience

Instant access to FaithTech apps & services, enjoy access to our partners, and operate with latest corporate methodologies.

Franciscan Spirituality

Gently adopt the original life of St. Francis, his friars and St. Clare as an example with Franciscan chaplain.

Catholicer Home Network (cHome™)

Portable & embeddable holy & humble catalyst society that unites, loves, prays, and advances the city of God with high-tech but in the spirit of owning nothing as an individual, serves one master, Jesus Christ.

An innovation to unite the Body of Christ under one umbrella to give all existing individuals & communities more exposure & valued.



Unite all age ranges, professions, races, cultures within the Body of Christ. Members are invited to build FaithTech industry with the new family they meet.


Ancient spirituality operates under high-tech operations & latest methodologies. Members will taste how big corporation works while keeping faith & morality as the base.


Increase communication in your existing community, connect with others in countries, remove silos in the Body of Christ


Family day where we are one family, Prayer day where anyone can join us in pray together, Community day where our life is targeted for others.

FaithTech Tools & Ministries

Catholicer operates on, innovates, and shares finest FaithTech to the entire Body of Christ

All of which are the experiences one will taste by joining a Catholicer Home


We bring the Body of Christ to explore the future unitive experience with Jesus through AR, VR, Robotic, Pointcloud, Additive / Substractive Manufacture, Blockchain


To help the Church be more accessible and to create various potential ministries. LEAN & Digitization employed in Silicon Valley minimize unnecessary outputs & operation elements.


We educate partners and catholicers to adopt Silicon Valley management process for transparency, visibility, coherence, loving, spiritual, & efficient


We help resurrect / realign / brainstorm / make holy decision as a community using LUMA methods


Catholicer Community Center


Multi-lingual Document Solution


Catholicer Prayer Solution


Improve communications inside the Body of Christ using Catholicer Slack Workspace


Expand your ministry and impacts with shared teleconference accounts

Loving Partners & Supports

Catholicer is uniting the Body of Christ.

We invite whoever believe in unity in the Body of Christ to join us in one way or another.

Clare Media



Saint Cyprian

Beloved Movement

O.P. Dominican Nuns

Capuchin - Our Lady of Angels

Conventual Franciscans of California