Initiatives to prepare future missionaries



Founded by Darren Gozali, this Catholic 501(c)(3) religious public charity in California serves as a vehicle to offer sustainable solutions to core issues that prevent the Christ from being proclaimed in the modern world.

What is missionary?

The core mission of the Catholic Church is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. The original Latin and Greek terms for evangelization and missions differ from their current usage in the Church. Nowadays, evangelization is often understood as work that brings Christ, but it actually refers to pastoral efforts toward Christians. On the other hand, missions specifically target non-Christians. In Western society, many are misassociating missionary to proselytization or random street protests, a notion we reject.


Democratize missionary space across the world

We are currently in the early stages of establishing a model for Catholic for-profit missionary organization, referred to as a Faith-Corporation or F-Corp. The primary aim of an F-Corp is to love the general public in the name of Christ, offering life-changing healing services and optional Catholic activities to employees. It places a strong emphasis on prioritizing their Catholic identity and morals over the interests of other stakeholders. Catholics are welcome to join our association as a free individual, where they receive spiritual formation similar to that in a third order without evangelical counsel and communical ownership, focusing on the reality of the Trinity, the mindset of Jesus, created universe, brain-centered approach to things. Members can optionally embrace voluntary holy poverty before starting an F-Corp without financial aid to relearn charity, reality, economy, healing, and detachment of all memories.


Healing Missionarist

Utilizing mind surgery, a technique rooted in pre-frontal cortex function and muscle movements around the brain's Dura Mater and Thalamus, we have successfully modified thousands of memories to remove cramps, bleeding, anger, mind walls, danger-pit, and anxieties.

Changing our minds is challenging, especially if you rely on pills, confused by psychologists, adopted a concept as identity, carry traumas, endure pain, or operate within conflicting mindsets. Mind Surgery, a visualization technique I (Darren Gozali) developed, emerged after decades of administering inner healing ministry and counseling & decades of inner life. Universally works across races and ages, Mind Surgery leveraging brain functions the way it works. In contrast to the popular NLP/Hypnosis methods, which often injects new associations between unrelated memories in upper-layer memories or create a blank canvas, Mind Surgery is based on a comprehensive healing journey of a few people, it eliminates misassociations, uses Jesus persona to alter traumatic memories to safeguard against similar trauma in the future.

Marketplace Missionarist

We educate entrepreneurs and business owners a thorough foundation to help them start a new venture or subsidiary that effectively bring Christ without compromise & unnecessary mind walls.

The statements: ["love one another as I have loved you," "you will be known by your love," and "you can do nothing without me"] are now facing severe challenges from a capitalistic lifestyle that promotes ["serve one another to get paying customers & a better life," and "you dont need God to do good, it is a 'common sense' and 'human right'"], leaving most needs in society addressed by systematic free market & government interventions. Leading the general public to work for undefined 'good' in the name of twisted & shallow "common sense". Most Christians workers & business owners these days mostly rely on individual Christian values that western society has unfaithed as a secular measure, leaving almost no mark for the glory of God.

Workspace Missionarist

We help Catholic business owners setup a religious freedom HR framework & activities that enable Catholic spirituality and activities.

In the capitalist society, most of Christians spend 60-70% of their life working with others non-stop but not being able to share about Christ, leaving many to live a dual life. Most Catholic business owners are mentoring their employees of different faith by avoiding divisiveness and faith related subjects. With proven frameworks built over decades by lots of Christians in Fortune 500s, we will assist you in bringing Christ to workers peacefully, respectfully, legally and effectively to the point this effort is appreciated by them.



Does God exist?

We believe Jesus resurrected from the dead; therefore, His word is true, so basically it proves God whom everyone talks about, the Father, exists. This is purely historical. If science proved He didn't resurrect, then we are no longer Christian, (St. Paul said similarly, we are pitiest people if He didn't resurrect). Outside Jesus, mankind will know no meaning in their life other than deriving comfort from what are available on earth. He said, no one has ever seen the Father, except the Son, we are designed not knowing our purpose so we can choose other stuff over God, so He came and made a formal invite. Those who does not know Jesus can still find a creator in the constructed universe with definitive structure. If the consistent law of physics does not exist or human does not have the power to comprehend the universe into a certain structure, it can be said that the world has no creator, but not otherwise. If you prefer a categorical approach using cognitive function limited by our structural universe, visit Summa Theology to learn about ipsum esse subsistens

Who is God?

Who am. Gods with shape, human-like personality, proof of being in the universe other than Jesus are imaginary tale assigned by humans. Jesus called God as spirit, but we aren't sure if the spiritual realm can be categorized as his very substance, He may exist outside the spiritual realm He created, yet the scriptures keep using Spirit to describe God/angels, making it possible that Jesus made a reference to spiritual union with the heavenly world or the Father, to end location-based worship. While there are occasions where God manipulated reality or in-brain functions to operate differently for a specific reason such as in the case of 3-5 saints, those who claim able to consistently sense God's presence falsely attributes their feeling/unknown physics to a supreme Entity that cannot be found inside His created universe. It seems there are 3 (often addressed as) persons, acting, sharing all as One. From what Jesus said and did, their economy & exercise are interchangeable to a certain extent. However, their each act encompasses one major economy. Father, who expands Himself, all heaven and earth are His expansion and His. Son, the participant and leader in Father's expanded creation, King in heaven and will be on earth. Holy Ghost, One who acts in the world on behalf of the Two.

Why was the Earth created?

The spiritual world was created as a hierarchy of His kingdom, where all creations were subjected to particular tasks. The Trinity seems to prepare their equal (God or theosis in Eastern rite theology, also read the 2nd fruit in Genesis), therefore making a condition (earth) for a spirit to temporarily mimic God's power and exercise their will in decent lawlessness. Whether to do good, destroy, or even create another human, one's actions will be elevated and perpetuated in the resurrection of the dead, when Christ shares His kingship with each of us. Whether the spiritual and natural world are the first 2 worlds or the only two worlds the Father will ever expand Himself, it is His hidden plan.

Why is there suffering?

Suffering is enduring an unwanted state in the brain; its nerves spike dangers, hold on to muscles in its biological form. In this survival mode, when one chooses to sacrifice against oneself for the creator or neighbors, they create a potential glory that Christ may choose to elevate. The glory and happiness that await are part of sharing Godness, where no angel has that opportunity, a serious & magnificent transformation, and there Jesus promised blessedness and glory to those who face those suffering willingly for Him. For those who have no knowledge of Him, suffering is part of designed biological growth as we age to present the options to seek outside help, whether from God or neighbors. It is up to us whether to create a never-ending cycle that despises and suppresses suffering, or end them with acceptance for God.

Meaning of Life

It seems to me that Jesus only cares whether we accept the salvation and reign prepared for us. He wants to raise us on the last day. He Himself chose to lead the lowest lifestyle, It seems that to show progress (like making a better world), security (like having a good lifestyle), and external brands (like following the latest trend) are none of His business. He only cared whether His own will share His Glory; therefore, it seems proper to say, one who seeks to be rich, successful, supports, or righteous for anything but the salvation of mankind, despite using His Kingdom of His Name, may not add anything to one's glory. Those who love Him will learn how to love neighbors, and each free choice or choice to go against your flesh for their sake are ones that derive meaning.

Catholic Church Role

We believe the Universal Church, including Orthodox, should reunite, and repair their conflicting sui iuris doctrines, not just dogmas. One abstraction will fail another despite being part of one's doctrines when not reconciled. We believe Apostolic, through laying on hands, is a secure mental assurance to the past promise of Christ; what you bind will be bound. Therefore, even if small inaccuracies or misrooted abstraction exist in doctrines, the Trinity is likely to enforce it. It is not the job of Christians to fight against the church hierarchy; it is Jesus' Church, not ours. If we are scared about out Church due to some leaderships and bishops, it supposes we fear the gates of Hell will destroy the Church, than perhaps we wanted Church to fill our fear with false security or punishment might come. The Church is a vehicle for Christ to invite everyone to salvation, Jesus can do what He pleases outside His own Church, but probably choose not to.

Why God lets kids die?

We believe that the brain serves as a vessel connecting our will to our spirit, with our soul acting as the glue between them. Through this connection, our life experiences and memories are simultaneously recorded in our spiritual memory, even beyond death. We posit that small humans, such as babies, do not possess essential memories (recollection, structure, mindsets, etc.). They are unaware of their own existence unless granted exceptions, probably such as through baptism. Despite biologically crying at birth, they likely have no intellectual activities in their spirits, given that no Spiritual being enjoys the gift of cognitive function like in a human brain and resembles more like a stroke patient. However, this lack of intellectual activity does not diminish their human DNA, which we believe is a result of God's direct intervention and spiritual insertion in early humans. Therefore, they are fully human, potential glorifiers of God, and should be treated as such.

Is human an animal?

We believe God created the universe to prepare a species capable of simulating a life with God's attributes. Human uniqueness lies in the ability to choose against oneself and create visions from nothing, including abstraction. Whether through the big bang of the mind or natural evolution, we don't know. It seems its very progress and the uniqueness about the human brain having two growth periods, one when conceived, and one after adolescence, triggered another question if it is purely natural. This led us to wonder if there be DNA manipulation on early Homo sapiens, similar to that of Jesus in Mary, which is a supernatural act of The Holy Spirit while retaining other properties. The fact that there was evidence of cross marriage between archaic humans even post big bang of the mind may suggest that these DNAs are passed down even when cross-species marriage occurred. In the same manner, we think it is appropriate that another gift was given when new DNA was created and passed down, a new mechanism for God to create a new soul and spirit on humans. And it seems such a pact/binding is set into practice like a physics law but operates in both realms; the creator engine on our natural world is our reproductive system. Therefore, human sex is sacred as it produces a spirit, that may inherit God's glory.

Why did Jesus wait until two millennia ago before coming?

We believe that the universe was predesigned to facilitate our species' understanding of who God is without direct encounter. Likewise, all babies are not born with this knowledge, and early humans likely did not have language to pass on extraordinary interactions with God, if any. We do not see a significant difference in whether the first humans had direct knowledge of God or not, probably not. Without a clear understanding of one God as the creator, people in that environment would not have had the capacity to comprehend who Jesus was. We believe that Israel was the only guided community where God the Son could effectively convey His message.

Is the Old Testament true?

It seems our brain is designed to operate in a philosophical structure of reality; it can create imaginary tales that won't last in peace, or Truth will set one free. Having this brain, it is quite likely that the Trinity chose the Jewish story as it was written with the best structure of reality overall to point at the True God. If Moses could change his law on marriage when the citizen complained, there is no reason to see that many of what he inscribed come directly from God word by word. While in many of its elements, just like when we write a book, there is no way miscommunication or wrong details will not occur; it was quite certainedly inspired by the Holy Spirit, for it prepared a good structure for Jesus to continue on. Reading Jeremiah, Isiaih, or Daniel and some others, it is clear that throughout Israel history, the coming of Mesiah was promised, and Jesus embodied many of those elements. Other than the Torah, it is rare to hear any objections against historic records in most of the old testament, we think the way the writers spoke in real life should be taken into consideration on how to interpret one's document, but without a comprihensive data, it is hard to do so. Why would anyone complain about the Book of Sirach? they are good wisdom. In regard to the story of creation, there are still models that work when we look for a common denominator, as our Y chromosomes and our X Mitochondria are the same, as long as we do not force Adam as a wife of Eve, as long as cross-marriage between homosapien and another archaic can bear another homo sapiens with similar intellect & inherit the Spirit of God, and the original sin wasn't as spectacular as most of us portray, definitely there was no apple. The separate Adam, separate Eve, and Na'amah & Noah model are still possible, though probably in different time, and some of those early names were pointers instead of being a real name. We think Jesus was probably cautious when He said He was there to complete the law, not destroying the law. For many have probably picked up that the law-derived history they assumed was inconsistent with His ultimate Truth & reality, but Jesus chose to build on it anyway as humans needs a tested structure of reality. We do not believe God makes a huge deal issue off historical error or flat-earth-like terms, like some of us in the 21st century who are angry from inconsistency. Above all, God only cares about humans choosing Him and sees millions of inconsistencies we create every second.


Jesus came to Earth to demonstrate to humanity how to live in accordance with divine principles and attain eternal life. We believe that prior to the Resurrection of Christ, the Father may have been assessing each dead human spirit from the time of Adam. However, following Christ's triumph, the task of judgment has been delegated to the Son (as indicated in John 5). We think that Jesus does not judge non-Christians differently than how the Father did before His resurrection. Nonetheless, those who believe in Him may face judgment with immediate pardon, akin to St. Dismas, the thief crucified alongside Jesus. For those who do undergo judgment, including baptized sinners, it appears that Jesus may not personally conduct private assessments. Instead, fellow human spirits might serve as accusers and witnesses, similar to how Jesus allowed Moses to do so in the case of the unbelieving Jews, as noted by John.

Resurrection of the Body

We believe that those who focus solely on the idea of eternal happiness in the spiritual realm may be missing the core message of Jesus. A true Christian is akin to Mary, who believed in the resurrection of Lazarus at the end of times, and to those who understood the theological disputes with the Sadducees. Jesus promised to raise those who believe in Him on the last day, as demonstrated through His own resurrection on Pascah and His transfiguration on Mount Tabor. We propose that those who are made exempt from judgment or considered part of the sheep tribe may bypass the waiting period for glorification by consuming of the Body of Christ while alive. However, these glories and divine co-governance may remain incomplete without a new physical flesh, which awaits the end of time. We think it is more appropriate to consider the term 'eternal life' through Eucharist as referring to either the glorified light of one's merit or an operational activation of a soul through union in Christ, in opposed to dead souls that don't do anything post death. This perspective aligns with the understanding shared across mainstream Christianity that both the damned and the righteous will experience resurrection. Therefore, not eating His Body indeed will leave a Spirit somewhat inactive or without life and may need to wait for resurrection, but it does not suggest the damned won't be resurrected. We believe The Trinity has a hidden plan/purpose as to why we need a our flesh back at the end of time.

Body & Blood of Christ

In contrast to most Catholics, even among the devoted ones, we do not believe that the Body and Blood of Christ are the actual flesh tissue and blood of type AB of Christ. We do believe in the real presence & transubstantiation, that they are truly the Body and Blood of Christ, but the common misconception lies precisely at the overlooked declaration by Jesus Himself. Jesus was attempting to answer His listeners who asked for proof of His trustworthiness. He told them that they followed Him not because they believed in Him, but because He had fed them. They then challenged Jesus, citing how Moses had provided manna from heaven in the desert. Jesus rebuked this, clarifying that it was not Moses who caused bread to come down from Heaven. Following this, Jesus seemed to challenge them back, equating the manna they mistakenly attributed to Moses' miracle with Himself, as the Bread that comes from Heaven. He indeed claimed that His Body and Blood were things to be eaten and drunk, and we believe this was preannounced a few lines earlier when Jesus said that the Father had set a seal for Him, one that He would later announce the detail on Pascah, using real bread and wine into His Body and Blood.

But, there are a few references we need to remember:
1. Jesus asked the disciples, 'Can they drink the cup that He would drink', referring to facing hardship and sacrifice in life.
2. John often uses the term 'eternal life' not methodologically, but more persuasively. Jesus claimed that He is life, and the Father has life in Himself, and He was given life by the Father, and Jesus has His own life separate from the Father, who has life in Himself. Likewise, He declared that those who believe in Him and love Him live in Him and He in them. This means Jesus as a whole person is the eternal life, not His fleshly Body, the consecrated bread is an enternal life because it becomes the entire Jesus, not because it becomes His real meat.
3. He claimed that His Body is flesh given to the world, meaning His crucifixion, not necessarily His physical flesh. It seems like at the Last Supper, He used the word 'remembrance' of Him in the Body and Blood, for us to participate in His death and resurrection rather than becoming Him in Body (upcoming death) & Blood (suffering) through eating His flesh.

Now, if Eucharistic miracles happen throughout the world, we think it is to show how the substance is no longer bread, but Christ Himself. It just happened that the miracle showed the AB blood or heart muscles, not necessarily meaning all Eucharists are those objects. Then, the orthodox Church on the other hand believes the Body & Blood of Christ as the second fruit in Eden, as a mean to live forever, which is very inline to what Jesus said, above, but we think there is an issue where most orthodox Christians claim to receive the Body of Christ 'to be resurrected', as Jesus would resurrect everyone anyway. John wrote Jesus indeed promised to raise those who have life on the last day, but perhaps such resurrection includes imbueing Trinitarian Spirit or glory or other forms, not so much the act of the resurrecting itself. The core confusion really is what is LIFE, for resurrection of the dead does not point to the Life that Jesus meant, it seems to us Life is access to Trinitarian Spirit and everlasting Economy, not so much about dead and rebirth.

Will He come again?

We believe Jesus will come again, as said in the Nicene Creed. However, it seems that His commandment to make disciples of all nations may be His preference. Unlike the rapture tale, we try to see the lamb and the goat separation as a judgment, post the resurrection. This means there is a chance that He will wait for mankind to learn to love one another in perfect love on earth where all heaven and earth worship Him, then the past evildoers will also be raised. We choose to see it from this angle when we pray 'Thy Kingdom Come', to do what we can so it becomes closer to the end, it is our choice whether or not help to advance it. It doesn't really matter when He comes again, as it seems it is the Father's decision, beyond our scope. Most likely, our grand-grand-grand-grandkids will live before He comes again.


Some of these terms were made by our founder through thousands of first-hand experiences.
Though some might seem ridiculous or surprising, they are not theory and so far we have seen the universality & consistency. We welcome any cooperation with neurologists to collect more data.

What is a brain memory?

A stored pathway of neuron signals trigger by other signals, whether it comes from our 5 senses, organs, or mind operations. You can associate two memories to create neuron pathways, called association, a common pathways in human is our assiciation of muscle, let's say leg, and the word leg, in such case, our unattentive mind don't distinguish a drawing & structure of leg in the left frontal lobe canvas from external physical muscle movement in the leg.

What is an association?

An operation to use the left frontal lobe (seems to have 7 sub-memory displayers, which we call orbital muscles) to merge two memories held by any of the 7 muscles. When we recall an associated memory, they appear in the middle of our drawing canvas in the left frontal lobe, which we call the center muscle. These displaying muscle might be related to a real muscle being pushed forward under left frontal lobe or in the dura mater layer to create a contracting sensation of focus, as it can be moved around unlike anything inside the gray matter.

What is memory alteration?

Memory may contain other memories or may be triggered by another another that contains reference to it. Just like all cognitive memories get stored through frontal lobe canvas, it also can alter its state. The simplest alteration is its location within another memory, we do this all the time. The rarest action that we find the most useful for us is disassociation 2 memories that's been merged as 'equal' in our intellect, as well as removal of one submemory from its container. It does not mean in anyway the brain loses its record when you remove a memory, but since the act of removal cut off its connection, it becomes a lonely memory that one probably won't recall ever again.

What is a memory canvas?

It is a cognitive function of frontal lobe, where right creates shapes like brush or pull memories and pass them onto the right as a drawing, the left can draw in circular like 3d canvas about that might feel like 20-30cm in side length. Whatever is projected in this canvas is a singular memory, and each element drawn in it is singular submemory that is recorded on its own. Memory can be associated in this canvas with electrical pulses from parasympathetic or other nerves, making it possible to visualize an image of an organ and actually feel sensations like pinching, as in the case of a stomach ache.

What is a memory zoom in/out?

A frontal lobe memory operation on the left where a memory contains a drawing of another memory to focus on one element using the orbital muscle. This is commonly accompanied by physical muscles at the front of the brain. It is useful to delve into structural details in our mind. To zoom out means going back from the zoomed-in sub-focus to the main memory we first focused on, or to detach the entire canvas into one sub-memory in a new memory.

What is a muscle memory?

An operation, often when zooming into sub-memory, to quickly replace its sub-sub-memories using imaginary movement like the old Mickey Mouse cartoon papers. The imaginary movement requires the movement of the 7 orbital muscles and replacement by the right frontal lobe instruction. There is a beginning and end of each muscle memory. When your brain detects the beginning, it will automatically redraw the imaginary movement without our consent. This is common in art skills, escapism, driving, and is often publicly called 'subconscious'.

What is consciousness?

We believe that the term 'consciousness' can be misleading, and we hypothesize that the 'general awareness of self' is more accurately described as a constant and ongoing sensation of receiving signals throughout the body. We locate this sensation somewhere close to or inside the brain stems. In our non-profit organization, we often refer to this area as our 'free will,' akin to an entity that can sense without knowledge or memory. It possesses the capacity to sense and run motoric function & cognitive processes in the frontal lobe at will.

What is unconsciousness?

A set of unidentified memory operations. When one reflects on each situation, they often remove the word unconscious from each detail they find.

What is an concept

Is a memory created by structuring or drawing in the canvas, it can be free from any associations with memories captured by senses.

What is an identity

An associated memory that combines with a memory of 'I' or 'myself', with 1 other memory.

What is pride?

An associated memory that combines a memory of things that produce desired results with a memory of 'I' or 'myself'.

What is insecurity?

A muscle memory connected to a muscle, whether in the dura mater or the entire fear system, to firmly hold another memory. This is applied in any other memory canvas.

What is romantic attraction to others?

Fear of losing that person from our memory, as we have held them as our insecurity, often triggered by 'danger'-like memory or 'things to avoid'. Contrary to most fantasied entertainment & common assumption, attraction is not actually a positive thing, and it is not uncommon to find those living in a very holy/healthy family who don't get attracted to most people. Among those regulating them well, we'll say they are naturally benign.

What is sexual attraction to others?

An automatic memory operation leads to the desire to own another person and to be owned. The economy of owning and being owned does not necessarily imply the intention of marriage; often, it arises as an erroneously associated memory seeking unhealthy relaxation, danger prevention through manipulation, or other reasons.

What is anger?

Some muscle or simulative memories are triggered when our stored structural reality collides or is associated with danger. This is often tied to multiple muscle pressing memories around the body as a reflex to avoid bursting. A common pressing action can be seen in pushing the eyes forward. Anger is necessary in life for detect anything against what we know, it actually often indicates what we know is wrong.

What is a heart melt?

An input in our mind that instantly relaxes a firm grip on things in our memories.

What is common consciousness?

We do not know, but speaking from our healing ministry experience, it seems that two or more persons in close physical proximity may record entangled photon/qubits that end up building neuron pathways. If memories linked to anger and danger to the point that they control one's behavior are repositioned, restructured, or altered in one person, somehow it triggers an unknown chain of reactions in others. The operation made in one brain does not translate to the entangled others, but it is very common for other individuals to suddenly recall the same occasion or at least the persons involved in the situation.

How do people get possessed?

We are not sure, but human will is located in the mid-back brain. It is not part of cognitive works. When you separate your cognitive from your will, you can identify the real you as a nothing-like entity living at the back of your brain trying to control the body and cognitive areas. It seems that this area can be hijacked or at least influenced.

What is the correlation between evil spirit and brain?

We do not believe in most presentable/repeatable spiritual actions such as in paranormal, energy, & magic, as they can be fixed or explained purely by memory manipulation such as by mentalists or magic tricks. However, there are rare occasions where when the brain's sub-memories are being restructured or disassociated, an image of an entity filled with hatred and anger suddenly pops up in the left frontal lobe canvas. In many cases, these are normal memories when the imaginary entity is doing nothing unless you imagine yourself engaging in a conversation with your imaginary entity. In such a case, your brain will fill it with conversational nonsense that describes your current feeling. But there are occasions where the image is not zoomed in and moves randomly or speaks with intense hatred against you without any reason, with pure hatred, sometimes disappearing after one appearance. This is where we are confused. We do not want to deny any possibility of an evil spirit influencing our will to create stupid memories using our frontal lobe that they can still influence when such memory surfaces. However, these weird seeing evil spirit-like occasion still fall under natural science as once disappeared or purposely removed, seem to leave no trace at all, meaning they are linked as to who made it, but evil spirits do not actually live in our memory.


On Letting Go

Every human possesses senses, thoughts, and lives. However, our society has not yet mastered the art of unlearning. The most effective form of therapeutic healing thus far involves feeling and accepting. Many attempt to unlearn by merely altering their previous definitions, but the majority of human memories are not simply definitions; they were unconsciously formed without much thought, which often lead us to beat ourselves up until we change. These 'junk' memories require restructuring and letting go. Letting go can be achieved using a mental technique, employing another memory of dissipation, like gas in the air or a droplet in water. Contact us if you need help.

On Marriage

There is critical conflict within Catholic West & East doctrines on marriage & divorce, often labeled as 'both correct' to avoid oppositions among orthodox and Catholic. To remedy & reconcile the two we propose a view where most good marriages as naturally binding and valid, making separation impossible. The Church, through the apostolic promise of Christ, can exercise whatever power it deems fit. The Latin Church insists that a sacrament of marriage cannot be severed when its complex checklist is complete. This unwillingness to sever its own power creates a condition among the faithful to be similarly bound. In our opinion, even without a sacrament, marriage cannot be severed, as it was already binding before the invention of sacraments. The Eastern Churches, however, exercise severable blessings for pastoral reasons. While we believe the Eastern Churches' doctrine doesn't conflict with natural law, it often lacks emphasis on natural law itself. We argue that marriage cannot be severed because it is an act of offering oneself to be owned by another person. God permits one to own another person only for the sake of raising another human. Therefore, a married couple no longer has sole ownership of their own body. We encourage you to read what St. Paul taught on this similar definition.

On Mortification

It is believed that as it pleases God as we force ourselves against our flesh. However, after successfully altering our brain states at will, we are able to remove various hardships in our minds and imitate the mindset of a child that Jesus referred to. When this happened, we realized that we were using prayers and spirituality to block and beat ourselves up to achieve calmness in order to control ourselves for God. This created stress and often led to nausea. So, we asked ourselves, what is the benefit of people living like St. Francis and St. Teresa? Our answer is that it is our individual choices, inspired by the understanding that God has helped us gain, to deny ourselves for His sake. This means that we do not need to enforce healing on those who use sickness for God's sake. However, those who successfully embrace mental freedom may use it to serve God in ways that were previously impossible for them. For, loving Christ within a mind walls is as precious as those who seek freedom and perform goodness without hindrance for Him. He wants us to love Him and gain salvation, not running away from the chaos the world has inflicted in our mind. We can still deny small things that do not control us, like sweet or being acknowledged, like St. Therese as a precious mortification.

Same-sex attraction

Delving into brain memory structure has provided a new perspective on modeling various behaviors. We've learned that romantic attraction is essentially the fear of losing another person (to be precised, a chain of associated memories triggering muscle contraction that holds on one memory), and romantic elements is the output when individuals often try to change the situation to prevent the other person from leaving. Eros is not agape or charitable kind of love but rather a fear of losing, whether losing ownership or losing access. The brain state of being scared of this potential loss functions in the same way it grips on insecurity and is triggered when one is actually afraid of the other person, typically any properties similar to their parents that push a memory hard (visible in muscle contractions) into the left pre-frontal cortex. Individuals without enough memory to represent fearful properties of another person in cases like different look and culture tend not to feel excitement when presented with the best option from such a population. On top of that, a lot of simulative stuck visions often build up in the mind of those enjoying sex scenes, that can be removed to avoid unwanted lust activation. Lastly, among many technology consumers, sex is often misassociated as a drug or relaxant in their memories, triggering an escapism option from various fears. This mislabeling of fear and relaxation as attraction is the most common mistakes in our society. Since a straight person can choose to sever these associations in their memories, resulting in a state where they won't forcefully hold back if losing such person, neither triggered by looks nor properties, it is fitting that similar conditions may be replicable in the case of same-sex attractions. While this has been proven throughout our ministry with straight individuals, we do not have access to any homosexual person who underwent our inner healing.

On abortion law

We advocate for the complete illegality of all abortions regardless of the circumstances. So-called passive abortion, such as that which may occur during cancer treatment, is considered an incidental effect and should not be classified using the word 'abortion'. As the western culture loves to label & distort vocabulary in the political arena, it is probably time to remove the word abortion, embryo, & fetus altogether and simply use the word 'killing' and 'grown/small/cell-size humans'.

We recognize that in the modern era, there is a prevalent disregard for the underlying question of why laws address the issue of murder. While Judeo-Christian and Islamic cultures trace their prohibitions against murder back to Moses, this rationale may not resonate well with contemporary society. The existence of law is multifaceted and varies from one country to another. In general, humans create laws, whether in the form of cultural norms, trauma passing, or explicit regulations, to safeguard self-interests. However, within Judeo-Christian culture, there exists a different perspective: that laws serve to guide individuals toward God.

Despite the inherent conflict between these perspectives, it is essential to note that Jesus did not come to abolish war or murder but to offer eternal life. He did not impose laws for societal enforcement. Therefore, I propose a perspective wherein we have the option, rather than the obligation, to outlaw abortion. Just as we can prohibit murder, the necessity of such laws varies depending on the context. For instance, a small, peaceful island community may not require explicit laws against murder due to the low likelihood of such occurrences. It is crucial to refrain from labeling unacceptable-otherwise and choose good things with prudence instead, vast difference in scale cannot be used to justify unacceptability.

Returning to the promise of eternal life and contemplating the significance of death, I advocate for prioritizing the salvation of millions of our brethren over merely preventing a million deaths. Lastly, in line with the principle of loving our neighbors, our focus should be on rescuing them from the trauma that killing inflicts rather than depriving them of their capacity to end lives.

On critical thinking

When a narrative story is told, the brain creates a new memory and absorbs the speaker's emotions. Due to the lack of critical thinking or disregard for philosophy and truth frameworks in families and educational systems, individuals often find themselves in a brain state that continually alters their memories while enjoying the depression of another person. The failure to reevaluate what is heard within the structure of our reality or values means that whoever can evoke stronger emotions, be it fear, sadness, or happiness, emerges victorious, making one adopt such narrative as their structure of reality despite having no structure to any other truths they know. To remedy this, we encourage each Catholics to learn how to construct their own hierarchy of values and to remain humble, acknowledging the reality of frequent errors within their own hierarchies in the following decades. This approach allows us to strive to be less wrong, freely choose based on values without feeling involved, and less susceptible to manipulation by others.

Christian values without Jesus

Many Christians use "Christian values" to justify their behaviors in evangelization efforts, but often they use this term to demonstrate their avoidance of sin rather than their love for neighbors in service to God. Many Catholics are overly focused on adoration and other devotions, yet they are unwilling to assist the poor, their neighbors, or even discuss Jesus within their circles, despite claiming to have implemented Christian values in their daily lives.

To illustrate how "Christian values" can deteriorate, consider the following examples: The widespread adoption of Human Rights post-WW2 has played a crucial role in establishing and maintaining global peace. Although rooted in Catholic ideals, these rights have been secularized, leading to ambiguity about their origin. Pope Benedict XVI warned against this trend, highlighting the potential for exploitation. Indeed, rights are now abused to bully others, to advocate for animals, to confuse one's sex, amond many others, even someone famous called AI human right. Human rights are not the only example of such transformation; charity has also evolved, with the rise of purposeful atheist groups competing and boasting about donating more than Christian organizations on digital platforms, such as microfinancing.

Western society has embraced certain Christian values as secular norms, thus diminishing their distinctiveness and origin. While efforts to propagate Christian values in public sectors might seem commendable, they risk diluting these principles. While courts are often used to regulate public organizations, individual Christian organizations often rely on a few individuals to enforse these values, only if the situation permits. As a result, most Western public sectors behave more like Christians than any Christian business owners. True Christian love should be practiced in the name of Jesus; otherwise, someone or the enemy will strive to earn recognition to reap benefit.

Serving God better in a country

There is nothing eternal on earth, likewise, country, civilization, are organic collection with labels. However, the current setup of most advanced countries are not designed to serve Jesus. If we want to serve God with Catholic values set as a standard, a Catholic country subject to a constitution that upholds religious liberty & a government stripped of its power to represent/alter its religious identity, can better serve non-Christians for God's sake. However, this can only be achieved if all citizens are Christians at the time of the monarch's and constitution's formation, unlike Zionism, which enforces a system on cohabitants in the area. Civilizations that have merged with locals like in the past conquest or those in current system cannot try to turn their countries into such condition without the consent of its 100% civilians and weaponizing democracy to enforce losing party to admit defeat is not a solution. Until technology and cultural mindsets can protect individual space & prosperity without any possible attack from neighbors in large scale, a structure like a country to maintain peace is likely to exist, therefore, it is better to create a Catholic space in smaller scale such as in a home, village, city, or second-level state.

We have found two alternative approaches to present:
1. Catholics serving in the name of public entity or regular organizations can move to and create faith-based private organizations to serve the public. It doesn't matter whether it is for-profit, social enterprise, ngo, associations, or personal brand.
2. Avoid creating Christian-Self-Centered safezone or shifting the responsibility of loving others onto these public entities. Government and public organizations can only claim to act in the name of Jesusless common good, regardless what their leader claim. In throwing our Christian calling to other entities, we distance ourselves from the 2nd commandment, ultimately diminishes the presence of Jesus in society.
3. Promoting the concept of separation of state and morality. If we want to spread Truth, democratic morality should cease to exist; instead, it can be debated publicly without interference or support from the audience and run by individuals. Different hierarchical structure such as circle of thinkers limited by constitution and filled with independent and religion reps, may be required to have the final decision be presented to state.

On mental professionals

We advocate for a restructuring of the medical profession, where clinical psychotherapists are removed from the medical category and instead rebranded as government-assisted mental services, allowed to provide behavioral catagories. On top of that, psychiatrists should be open to various mental assessments, including those based on faith, and shall not give a diagnosis on mental illness. This approach opposes the sole reliance on psychoanalysis that traps and makes patients crazy while hiding behind medical science, which is currently driving the formation of a new national philosophy termed "health," dictated by arbitrary controllers who consistently claim "not knowing the cause". Historically, matters of faith have relied heavily on individual integrity for trust. However, for the first time in history, entire nations' mindsets are being standardized by medical professionals operating under licenses, primarily in the field of psychology. These individuals, often referring to themselves as scientists, base their practices on democratic agreements within psychological research. Yet, the empirical foundation of much of their work is questionable, often veering into pseudoscience. It's ironic that the very professionals tasked with advancing mental health may themselves be in need of assistance. Furthermore, the increasing trend of spiritual directors seeking state licensing implies governmental control over matters of faith. It's disheartening to witness many western Catholic dioceses distancing themselves from providing guidance on matters of the mind to parishioners, instead relying on psychotherapists and medication out of fear of litigation. We advocate for spiritual directors to broaden their knowledge base by incorporating insights from physics and biology. This would enable them to recognize that some issues, often misconstrued as demonic, are actually rooted in simple mindset or trauma. Ultimately, mental health should not solely rely on empirical science. If Christian spiritual directors cannot offer the joy and healing that surpasses the solutions provided by psychologists, they can learn to adopt what are good from these area of expertise instead of treating them as a doctor.

On Reiki, God's presence, Energy, & Chakra

Among Christians, the concept of experiencing the Holy Spirit through physical sensations like ASMR, electricity, praying in front of the Eucharist, or muscle reactions during spiritual events such as seminars or worship are common. Similarly, individuals who seek sound therapy, energy transfer, or other practices may encounter similar sensations, which they attribute to energy. We have found that when we are altering our memories around an insecurity, the muscle position around the brain, usually under the left frontal lobe, often grips strongly, this is why people get angry if this imaginary vision is taken away from them. However, when the person consents to release the memory and such is removed from its parent memory, along with tears, those who have recorded plenty of muscle memories around the brain as a mean to hold on, danger, or relaxant, may relax the surrounding dura mater and other muscles around the brain, this very relaxation may reposition some muscle tissues and trigger a sensation of something moving in our head, and if pressing muscles are not disassociated, removing one's insecurity will cause these muscles to lose grip, thus, creating a sensation of falling or the heart stop beating, or in most cases the press goes away from the brain and take place in our devilish like hand posture, or mouth like a possessed person. These are natural human brain operation. They are neither an extraordinary act of the Holy Spirit, not devil work nor energy. When you unconsciously learned to press a muscle to survive stress, whether it is in your stomach, neck, colon, or elsewhere, these are a muscle memory that triggers a signal from your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Using a simple visualization technique, you can easily move the point of pain or cramp in your body to go up and down, the top being around the brain, the bottom-most being our anal, it is hard for us to move let's say between stomach and duodenum, because there are no organs in between, thus no nervous system control that area. By focusing on those point of pains, you can disassociate ot inject other memories to relax the contraction. These anxiety reaction in our organs, has been called chakra by the eastern spirituality. Some of these area can indeed be scarier than others, for example, the neck may inflame together with the thyroid and is more observable than those whose sexual organ arouse, but by no mean that they are sources of energy.

In regard to Reiki ritual, it is very similar to paranormal who doesn't have any contact with the spiritual world. Anyone can try to create a muscle memory with a certain label and draw an imaginary self in it and if they do it again and again or with frustration, a muscle memory that may project a separation of body and imaginary soul will occur, while they claim they can go anywhere, the brain simply creates an imaginary memory using elements or emotions that one's already know. And those who stay in this brain operation may feel they cannot go back at anytime unless they do something, this usually comes with a muscle in our head being pressed to prevent the left frontal lobe from changing its main projected memory, likening it to those who are in total focus or depression. A meditated person may feel peace not because they gain a source of peace, but rather by focusing on one memory and attaching them to a muscle contraction, our brain will be prevented from triggering unwanted memories, so we can focus on the good one. However, those who can remove the cognitive function in the frontal lobe will not let their mind be influenced any emotion, for they can simply feel the signals from all our senses at the mid brain's brain stem. While in this situation, we might think there is access to godly life from universe, while in fact is the very core of brain reception sensation. We might also think that we are free, because we have removed ourselves from our body, but in reality, it is simply an act to stop untouching the cognitive function, that's normal when we're about to sleep.

In regard to long-distant healing and energy transfer through hand movement, they have long been explained by psychologists as an ideomotoric function. In regard to energy that causes calmness, it is the very same function of insecurity+ideomotoric, where an crystal for example, is an escape to false safety, and heat generated through ideomotoric is simply an openess to external control. We have encountered many who claim that they can draw a mirror on a hand that sees the past. Such condition is normal and anyone can achieve the same thing naturally. How? First they need to create a muscle memory like opening a third eye where leads to an associated memory where one get stuck in extreme focus, second, you can bruise your frontal lobe by pushing them hard and concentrate on another person, it will let your brain to copy the feeling of the person in front of you or recall the feeling you knew about a person, and lastly you could focus on your hand to let your brain draw random shapes or memories from your long-term memories to fill the blank. This is what mentalist does on stage for entertainment (different from psychic's confusing language that attempts to sound correct). While the very image they see will mostly be inaccurate, but there overall composition can be correct, making it enough to guess what is on a subject's mind. But in reiki, usually they project the drawing on a hand or else where.

The drawings they see will usually have no color despite most who claim they see color, because most of us are not trained to distinguish between a memory of seeing a real color and constructing a color, such as the confusion Aphantasia creates lately. Sometimes the drawing may somewhat look like a video, it is not static, this is due to brain's capacity to record rapid change of submemories as a muscle memory, it may create an imaginary soul based on the concept one's recorded through an attempt to know another person.

In summary, We do not support any actions that contribute natural work as God's supernatural work and ancient or energy like beliefs. While Christians mostly don't have problem with misassociating some 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit as an extraordinary act of God, which in fact are just brain function, we believe that people should have the option to know the Truth, and those who label the natural as foreign god or magic, likewise should know they are just playing with brain functions. By using some mind operations these so-called skills may be erased permanently, leaving the practitioner having to recreate the entire association memories in their brain to be able to regain their so-called skills or gifts.

On cancel culture

In the end of the day, this custure is a boycott and a manipulation. The western boomers learned to sanction or boycott to assert change on others. While GenY & Z do not really care about the older generation boycotting, they took the same behavior to social media. The fact boycotts can go viral in a scale we see today, relies solely on exploiting those lacking independent mind, whose trust can be earned through fear or simple reasoning. Learning mind-vision check, proof deduction, and building independent mind are necessary to combat this toxic behaviors. Giving influencers, content creators, artors/actress and journalist total trusts are recipe for disaters and giving them the power over our lives.

Identity manipulation

A stark distinction exists between aligning actions with a concept and wholly embodying a concept. Embracing an identity, whether it be that of a subordinate, intelligent, malevolent, ethnic, affluent, religious follower, company, industry or even a patient battling cancer, can significantly influence our thought processes. Our minds instinctively resist any ideas that may contradict our adopted identities, often leading to heightened susceptibility to anger. Enforcing identity adoption, I believe, stands as one of the most detrimental influences in our contemporary era. Consider someone who adopts the identity of a 'winner.' This individual may go to great lengths, even at the expense of others, to secure victories and reinforce their self-perceived identity. Outsiders can readily observe the mysterious behaviors of those deeply entrenched in identity adoption, while those within the identity often remain oblivious unless they consciously engage in daily self-reflection. The only universal & good identities for humans are 'human' and one's 'sex' for they are tangible and easy to understand, in case of believers, God's children. Even 'follower of Christ' identity highly depends on other doctrines that sum it up, often misunderstood or differ in different churches. Frequently, adopting identities to gain mental security will lead to confusion and anger when these identities are questioned, especially when they adopted a sickness. We have seen a few clients who were diagnosed with psychosis and their life went down in spiral (even death related consequences) right after such word became their identity, but became well again after the identity is rejected. In many parts of the world, people are adopting confusing and conflicting identities to escape their problems, and sadly silencing others and forcing others to accept their identities as truth to prevent getting silenced or rejected by others, such as in woke related case. When you ask deep enough questions, why they do what they do, fear is likely to be found in regard to relationship with another person.


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