We help Catholics & Christians gain existential freedom to unleash their true potential for evangelization. We focus on coaching entrepreneurs and business owners but are open to help anyone.


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Hate Yourself?

Rewire brain & untie lies that've been planted in your mindset.
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Healing Anxiety & Trauma

Let Christ heal them, not only help you cope with them.
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Feeling Seeing Something?

Let's ask Christ to reconcile what gets to your unconscious and stay in the present.
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Angry with God or Faith?

We offer different perspective rooted in the Catholic faith to help you bear your suffering.
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Left & Right Brain Activation

Train your brain to help you do what you need to do and understand the opposite sex.
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Stress-Related Physical Issues

Have a physical issue that gets bad with stress? Let Jesus heal the trigger.
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Overcoming Your Fear

Dive yourself in the decision, accept the pain, hang yourself on the right Cross.
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Finding Hope In Life

Do you see yourself in darkness living day by day knowing there won't be a better future?


- Reflect hard and list all your issues to want to get healed, a psychological report is a plus.

- Email us briefly about you and what you need.

- Declare trust, honesty, and promise to tell us what you know or feel.

- Sign a declaration to use the healing or freedom to follow Jesus in the Catholic Church, if we require.

- Sign a waiver and privacy.

- Session is via call or zoom only, and might last from 30mins to hours or days.

- Write a public testimony when you are healed if you can.

* This is not a deliverance or exorcism service. We also do not represent any authority to give psychological conclusion or analysis. What you see and feel during our services is meant to gain freedom in Christ, and does not substitute real facts or judgment on anyone.