There is a huge difference between coping and healing. You know something is wrong, you become aware of your issues, you try your best dealing with them, now is the time to get healed.


We provide education, coaching, and spiritual therapy to founders, leaders, professionals, families, and determined individuals remove the root of mind-related issues in their brain (PTSD, Anxiety, Trauma, OCD, Anger, Walls, Insecurity, Confusion, Helplessness, Victimhood, Denial). We are not psychologists, therefore we neither analyze people based on their symptoms not trying to suppress them. Instead, we have a deep understanding of cognitive mind operation. You won't have "the singular issue" we think we can help when you are done with the session, it will be of the past and you can talk about it without making you feel anything.

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Almost every day, we record, learn, or make up memories on the frontal lobe to simulate, conclude and retain emotion. We help you remove traumatic memory & toxic conditioning, and knowledge from the left, making you not get stuck with anything without forgetting what they are. We exercise our service purely in a Catholic way, but you are always free to modify our suggestion to what you see fit.

1. Philosophical Discussion

We've gone through various kinds of intense evil, getting destroyed, abused, slandered, mass hatred. Our belief system is proven and align with the Catholic faith. We understand deeply Individualism vs Collectivism, Science vs Christianity, Various Social Issues.

2. Hurt Resolution

Whoever hurt you and changed you do not need to do a thing to contribute to your healing. We have helped liberate numerous by tweaking a painful memory into a beautiful one. Many wonder why they are angry and hurt others given a specific situation, and a traumatic past is often a likely culprit.

3. Emotion & Wall Removal

"Unless you are converted and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Do you want to become like Jesus or Child, not bothered by anything? Whether it is an addiction, a happy past, or a mindset, with a simple 1-minute exercise, you can remove one thing preventing you from becoming who you can be in God.

4. Relocating control to God

Whether you are shaking, afraid, or trying to make an unnecessary non-meaningful adjustment when stressed, it often blinds and angers us. Holding on to an Identity, money, fame, brand, or anything that becomes your object of security or acceptance seemingly hurts us when taken away. We become angry, and our fight or flight mode turns on, hurting others to protect ourselves. Liberation is a step away; your brain will rest when your false security is removed.


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Quit Control

Remove the habit of holding onto your insecurity. Get back on track without wasting time. Forget Muscle Relaxation, let's eliminate what makes you stiff.
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Facing Fear LIVE

Get unjustly sued, facing angry groups, cheated, destroyed, slander, criminalized? Move your organization to the next level without being afaird or ended up bullying the other party.
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Truth Driven

Whether it is escapism, unhealthy belief, or other factors. Constantly pursuing righteousness is the recipe for healthy leadership, perseverance, and integrity.
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Work & Jesus

Forgetting to check things impact the salvation of others? Or focusing on God but unsure if a move is align to your belief and do nothing?
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Wondering why you don't feel like waking up or doing the staking work? You don't need to blindly keep escaping. Review your abstraction ladder and makea conscious decision to own an action.
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With Purpose

Are you happy with your work? A classic question that traps people. We help you find heroic 1st principal that drives you forward without any hard push. Leave wasteful life, start a meaningful one.
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Quit Pleasing

Surrounding yourself with good people that can't do work? Tired making them happy? Can't manage others afraid hurting them? Remove trauma, mindset, and false responsibilities.
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False Safety

Have you tried your best thinking something could rise from tweaking 1 thing? Are you ignoring 100 others to feel secure, leads you nowhere? When we are insecure, we hold onto a mindset or "thing" that jails us.


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Hate Yourself?

Rewire and untie lies from your left brain.
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Healing Anxiety & Trauma

Let Christ severe them, you don't need to cope with it all your life.
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Feeling Seeing Something?

Let's ask Christ to reconcile what gets to your unconscious and stay in the present.
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Angry with God or Faith?

We offer different perspective rooted in the Catholic faith to help you bear your suffering.
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Left & Right Brain Activation

Train your brain to help you do what you need to do and understand the opposite sex.
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Stress-Related Physical Issues

Have a physical issue that gets bad with stress? Let Jesus heal the trigger.
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Overcoming Your Fear

Dive yourself in the decision, accept the pain, hang yourself on the right Cross.
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Finding Hope In Life

Do you see yourself in darkness living day by day knowing there won't be a better future?


- Email us briefly about you and what you need.

* This is not a deliverance or exorcism service and we are not a licensed medical professional. If you need urgent help, please call 911.


For speaking or interview inquiry, please email us the detail along with which organization you belong to.