Initiatives to prepare future missionaries

Faith Tech

Enjoy our tools you might find useful to live your penitential life.

God revealed to us how to alter memory

There is something wrong if we keep confessing the same sins, regardless how venial they are. The world didn't know an alternative to constant prayer, medicine, counseling, all to suppress the emotion in the name of self-control, but these will be of the past.

Using the right brain muscle positions, we help read an issue others have and remove the unwanted muscle reactions using our visualization techniques crafted based on brain physiology. There are 5 major categories that control our mind: vision canvas, trauma, mindset, muscle contraction, and identity, but they are all simply memories that can be altered the same way. OCD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, psychosis, cramp, fog, they all follow the same muscle patterns. We have mapped them and make it available for those who want to join this ministry. This process is not to earn God's grace or salvation, but rather purification to be child-like seeking perfection of soul and to liberate others from their suffering.

Missionary in the marketplace & workspace

We provide coaching, consultation & framework for SME to spread the gospel.

Situation: It may appear to be a complicated issue if Jesus is not our priority, but the truth is that "love one another as I have loved you," "you will be known by your love," and "you can do nothing without me" are now facing severe challenges from a capitalistic lifestyle that promotes "serve one another to get paying customers & a better life," and "you dont need Jesus to do good, it is a 'common sense' and 'human right'," leaving most needs in society addressed by systematic free market & government interventions. The end result? General public work to do undefined 'good' in the name of twisted "common sense", ignoring what dignity is and where it comes from.

There are ways to bring Christ in the market-based society, like encouraging Christians to normalize talk of Christ in the public enterprise, serve a better service such as in psychology & spirituality, serve the underserved, but in a world where many isolated young people interact only with their co-workers, service providers and a close circle, business can be a way of sharing Christ by running a small or medium faith-based enterprise (SME) with excellence, love, metric-based replacement, ethics, and a clear statement of faith. This way, employees and customers can know that the products or services are acts of love dedicated to Jesus while ensuring internal religious freedom through ERG & HR policy.


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