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Trying To Imitate Christ?

We can help unleash your true human-potential and eliminate mental pains.

Our founder has a unique insight into the brain. He has observed his own brain muscles for decades, like watching a finger. Despite the behavioral output, we all have the same brain physiology when we think, remember, remove trauma, and clustering thoughts. From his experiences with entrepreneurship, intensely wounded, and administering inner healing with Carmelite spirituality, he invented 'Mind Surgery', a mind technique to control cognitive functions. He is a coach who guides people to break free from their limiting beliefs, false selves, remove brain fogs, manipulate memory canvas and eliminate anger, addiction & fear. He helps them rediscover their true identity and joy in Christ, without any nonsense, mystic, heart-manipulating story, drug, or abstract ideas. This process is not to earn God's grace or salvation, but rather purification to be child-like seeking perfection of soul

Thought on Pressing Issues

Cathechism / theology are too mysterious or hard to understand? We welcome Faith leaders to chat with us.

In recent decades, we have developed 'Divine Physics,' a foundational philosophy based on both inductive and deductive frameworks, with the premise: Jesus was resurrected, He is the Truth, Catholic Dogmas are correct, and the Orthodox+Catholic doctrinal combination provides potential answers. We start with the fate of humanity after the resurrection and work our way back to general theology and the function of the human brain + astrophysics, tested with enormous pains & hell in life.

Business Owner?

We provide coaching, consultation & framework for SME to spread the gospel.

Situation: It may appear to be a complicated issue if Jesus is not our priority, but the truth is that "love one another as I have loved you," "you will be known by your love," and "you can do nothing without me" are now facing severe challenges from a capitalistic lifestyle that promotes "serve one another to get paying customers & a better life," and "you dont need Jesus to do good, it is a 'common sense' and 'human right'," leaving most needs in society addressed by systematic free market & government interventions. The end result? General public work to do undefined 'good' in the name of twisted "common sense", ignoring what dignity is and where it comes from.

The problem? While most so-called common senses were fought and created by/with Christians, Christianity is now useless in the eyes of others, goodness is attributed to humanity or public enterprises. Plenty of Christians who seek to help the poor has lost access to the poor in countries where public government tries to eradicate homelessness. While not loving those who reject Christians are just not Christian, but we can only call this decline in Jesus' exposure not a bad thing simply tells our heart is not with Him. We believe human destiny comes after the resurrection and gifted by Christ, not by doing good in the name of humanity. Let's not fall into any confusion that promotes baptism as unnecessary after Vatican 2 or that work, faith should be separate, or evangelization = proselytization.

There are ways to bring Christ in the market-based society, like encouraging Christians to normalize talk of Christ in the public enterprise, serve a better service such as in psychology & spirituality, serve the underserved, but in a world where many isolated young people interact only with their co-workers, service providers and a close circle, business can be a way of sharing Christ by running a small or medium faith-based enterprise (SME) with excellence, love, metric-based replacement, ethics, and a clear statement of faith. This way, employees and customers can know that the products or services are acts of love dedicated to Jesus while ensuring internal religious freedom through ERG & HR policy. This is a common practice in countries with a majority Catholic population and partly adopted by Christians in public Fortune 500s.


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