Praying as a Body of Christ

How does Beads benefit you the most?


The culture of saying "I will pray for you" has occasionally become difficult for there are many who need our prayers. Can you imagine if every hour someone in this world would see your name, your posted intentions or your beloved communities; then offer singular prayers?


Beads offers a gift of companionship to those who can't pray. Aside from the prayer crowd-sourcing, playing a recorded voice audio set in times of major depression has been proven to maintain an atmosphere of prayer. In addition, the spirit of voice's owner would also interceed on user's behalf.


There is nothing more beautiful in a relationship where we can all pray and love together. Beads allows dating couples and families to keep praying with each other regardless of their physical locations. A dad can record his daughter's voice and pray with her every night.


We ran a year long prayer groups in California and those who did not know how to rosary could catch up with those devoted to the rosary in the first second. Beads is proven to educate Catholic prayer ropes that most Catholics are not aware of. Children love gamification in Beads.

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Prayer Groups Adopt Beads

Three weekly prayer groups in Asia & USA were setup to run in a structure that incorporated Beads as the Rosary Activities.

Praying in Seminars

In Indonesia, as Catholicers held seminars, the attendees were invited to pray with Beads together, it caused the online world on fire as 50 people were praying for more than 50 intentions each. They sent at least 2500 singular prayers in a small seminar. Some of those prayer recipients recieved an email notification.

Prayer App Research

A professor in Springfield, MA did an interview to a couple Beads users in 2018. According to our users, "Beads are very social and it is about spiritual communion".
Explore multiple prayers and tons of settings to personalize this smart prayer rope to your liking.

Terrific Design

A FaithTech Revolution

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P2P Intentions

Ask for prayers, receive hundred prayer doves.

Many of us need your prayer. Turn on the intention mode, hit the "tap to pray" button. Lots of answered miracles have been reported.

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Need someone to accompany your commute? Choose submitted voice sets from the setting page or record your own voice.

Mobile Companion

Pray with preferred voice.

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Pray together for a single motive.

All existing social media are limited to post, comment, and reaction. We have prepared a Prayer Chapel for any #HASHTAG you want to pray for together. All posted prayer requests are linked directly to Beads App.

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Catholicer Beads (Free) Apple re-thinks the digital rosary experience with its elegant 3-D animated user interface and thumb swipe operation like no other rosary app out there!

If you’d like to pray with a recording, the Catholicer Beads is a free app that leads you through the Rosary.

Highly advanced application. Try it out!

I particularly like the animation when you pray for someone intention, where a shining dove will fly away from the bead.