Digital P2P Rosary 4.0. The only app that works like a real rosary. Pray like an angel, knowing the need of the Church.

How does Beads benefit you the most?


Can you imagine if every hour someone in this world would see your name, your posted intentions or your beloved communities; then offer singular prayers?


A recorded voice audio set in times of major depression has been proven to be an effective intercessor. Download and use voices that you love.


There is nothing more beautiful in a relationship where we can all pray and love together. A dad can record his daughter's voice and pray with her every night.


Many try to make a commitment to pray at night but fall asleep instead. With Beads, you not only swipe like a real rosary, it has a rosary chain sound, and vibrates to wake you up.

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What Do Researchers Say?

Prayer Groups Adopt Beads

When several members of her Catholic community began praying with the Beads app together, they urged her to try it. She hesitantly downloaded the free app, created an account, and prayed the rosary via Beads. To her surprise, she has found that she enjoys this virtual rosary—it has shifted her experience of prayer. She told me that the app-based rosary makes her personal prayer feel wider; the format allows prayer to “expand beyond myself, it is connecting with the entire world.”

Global Catholic Community

The Beads app relies on the rote nature of the rosary to discipline users in an experience of a global Catholic community. The app facilitates what Andreas Bandak calls the “communalizing force…[and] social landscape” of prayer. Catholics often celebrate the Church’s world-wide presence. But the Beads app makes that community more immediate; more tactile.


Tactility—fingers moving along beads—is a hallmark of praying the rosary. Feeling the count of the beads is how the devout keep track of the number of times they have recited the many prayers of the rosary. The devotion is supposed to be felt, physically. The Beads app imitates tactility by having users advance the beads with a swipe of their thumb along the corner of their smartphones. As each bead is swiped, users hear audio of beads clanking and settling.
Taken from iPrayer: Catholic Prayer Apps and Twenty-First-Century Catholic Subjectivitiess
Explore multiple prayers and tons of settings to personalize this smart prayer rope to your liking. The 3D graphics & text features are stunning!

Terrific Design

A FaithTech Revolution

What do users say?


P2P Intentions

Ask for prayers, receive hundred prayer doves.

Many of us need your prayer. Turn on the intention mode, hit the "tap to pray" button. Lots of answered miracles have been reported.

What do users say?

Need someone to audibly accompany you? Choose submitted voice sets from the setting page or record your own voice.

Mobile Companion

Publish your own recorded voice set

What do users say?



Pray together for a single motive.

All existing social media are limited to post, comment, and reaction. We have prepared a Prayer Chapel for any #HASHTAG you want to pray for together. All posted prayer requests are linked directly to Beads App.

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Catholicer Beads (Free) Apple re-thinks the digital rosary experience with its elegant 3-D animated user interface and thumb swipe operation like no other rosary app out there!

If you’d like to pray with a recording, the Catholicer Beads is a free app that leads you through the Rosary.

Highly advanced application. Try it out!

I particularly like the animation when you pray for someone intention, where a shining dove will fly away from the bead.

A family that prays together, stay together.