catholicer beads
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Explore multiple prayers and tons of settings to personalize this smart prayer rope to your liking.

Terrific Design

A FaithTech Revolution

What do users say?


P2P Intentions

Ask for prayers, receive hundred prayer doves.

Many of us need your prayer. Turn on the intention mode, hit the "tap to pray" button. Lots of answered miracles have been reported.

What do users say?

Need someone to accompany your commute? Choose submitted voice sets from the setting page or record your own voice.

Mobile Companion

Pray with preferred voice.

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Catholicer Beads (Free) Apple re-thinks the digital rosary experience with its elegant 3-D animated user interface and thumb swipe operation like no other rosary app out there!

If you’d like to pray with a recording, the Catholicer Beads is a free app that leads you through the Rosary.

Highly advanced application. Try it out!

I particularly like the animation when you pray for someone intention, where a shining dove will fly away from the bead.