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No one to talk to? Got talent or knowledge to share?

Getting & Giving Pro-Bono or Professional Help in the Body of Christ has to be EASY.


$0 / Mo

2 monthly requests


$10 / Mo

10 monthly requests

3x matching services


$30 / Mo

Unlimited requests

20x matching services

  • Offer help to others in need.
  • Ask for help from others.
  • Surf all offers & requests.
  • Get notified when a user offers you help or asks for your help.
  • Accept their offer/request.
  • Schedule a meeting with this brother/sister in Christ.
  • Increase your match quota limit by helping others.
  • Our staff notify you when we find a good & secure match (Pro/Unlimited)

    * available to users with 3-star rating or above.


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Everytime you share the outcome to others, you build up the Body of Christ.
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MercyConnect will contact you when there is a match!

We believe God will send those He loves to you who humbly serve Him!

In the meantime you are invited to pray for all catholics using the Beads App!

From St. Francis of Assisi on going out to help others:

my earnest plea to my friars in our Lord Jesus Christ that, when they travel about the world, the should not be quarrelsome or take part in disputes with words or criticize others; but they should be gentle, peaceful, and unassuming, courteous and humble, speaking respectfully to everyone, as is expected of them.

By submitting this, I freely get/offer help from/to others and agree to Catholicer's terms & conditions.

I agree to be on-time, be responsible, be respectful, start & close with prayer, be attentive, be positive, be open, be honest, be calm, be a listener, be humble, be thankful, be yourself in Christ.