There is a huge difference between coping and healing. You know something is wrong, you become aware of your issues, you try your best dealing with them, now is the time to get healed.


We provide education, coaching, and alter the state of memories of determined individuals by purely using their own brain muscles. While medical professionals try to suppress them and hypnosis bend the muscle memory, we use a couple techniques proven to be universal regardless of age, race, or religion, changing their memories in the brain in accordance to the Universal Catholic faith. You won't have "the singular issue" when you are done with the session, it will be of the past and you can talk about it without making you feel anything.

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Almost every day, we record, learn, or make up memories on the frontal lobe to simulate, conclude and retain emotion. We help you remove traumatic memory & toxic conditioning, and knowledge from the left, making you not get stuck with anything without forgetting what they are. We exercise our service purely in a Catholic way, but you are always free to modify our suggestion to what you see fit.

1. Philosophical discussion

We've gone through various kinds of intense evil, getting destroyed, abused, slandered, mass hatred. Our belief system is proven and align with the Catholic faith. We understand deeply Individualism vs Collectivism, Science vs Christianity, Various Social Issues.

2. Hurt resolution

Whoever hurt you and changed you do not need to do a thing to contribute to your healing. We have helped liberate numerous by tweaking a painful memory into a beautiful one. Many wonder why they are angry and hurt others given a specific situation, and a traumatic past is often a likely culprit.

3. Emotion & wall removal

"Unless you are converted and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Do you want to become like Jesus or Child, not bothered by anything? Whether it is an addiction, a happy past, or a mindset, with a simple 1-minute exercise, you can remove one thing preventing you from becoming who you can be in God.

4. Relocating control to God

Whether you are shaking, afraid, or trying to make an unnecessary non-meaningful adjustment when stressed, it often blinds and angers us. Holding on to an Identity, money, fame, brand, or anything that becomes your object of security or acceptance seemingly hurts us when taken away. We become angry, and our fight or flight mode turns on, hurting others to protect ourselves. Liberation is a step away; your brain will rest when your false security is removed.

5. Eliminating stress muscle memory

Do some parts of your body become tense when you go somewhere or hear something? We accumulate stress reactions in our body that your brain records as a memory. This creates a condition that leads to escapism, cramps, anxiety, and other unhealthy situation.

6. Removing tangled definition

When you think A and B are the same, or in order to get B, we have to gain A, your brain are likely to record a nucleus memory that combines two or more as one, instead of a set of possibilities. This often creates focus but when it fails, our mind has lost its track what went wrong and we end up getting perpetually pushed by it, thinking you are anxious for no reason.


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Quit Control

Remove the habit of holding onto your insecurity. Get back on track without wasting time. Forget Muscle Relaxation, let's eliminate what makes you stiff.
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Facing Fear LIVE

Get unjustly sued, facing angry groups, cheated, destroyed, slander, criminalized? Move your organization to the next level without being afaird or ended up bullying the other party.
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Truth Driven

Whether it is escapism, unhealthy belief, or other factors. Constantly pursuing righteousness is the recipe for healthy leadership, perseverance, and integrity.
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Work & Jesus

Forgetting to check things impact the salvation of others? Or focusing on God but unsure if a move is align to your belief and do nothing?
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Wondering why you don't feel like waking up or doing the staking work? You don't need to blindly keep escaping. Review your abstraction ladder and makea conscious decision to own an action.
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With Purpose

Are you happy with your work? A classic question that traps people. We help you find heroic 1st principal that drives you forward without any hard push. Leave wasteful life, start a meaningful one.
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Quit Pleasing

Surrounding yourself with good people that can't do work? Tired making them happy? Can't manage others afraid hurting them? Remove trauma, mindset, and false responsibilities.
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False Safety

Have you tried your best thinking something could rise from tweaking 1 thing? Are you ignoring 100 others to feel secure, leads you nowhere? When we are insecure, we hold onto a mindset or "thing" that jails us.


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Hate Yourself?

Rewire and untie lies from your left brain.
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Healing Anxiety & Trauma

Let Christ severe them, you don't need to cope with it all your life.
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Feeling Seeing Something?

Let's ask Christ to reconcile what gets to your unconscious and stay in the present.
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Angry with God or Faith?

We offer different perspective rooted in the Catholic faith to help you bear your suffering.
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Left & Right Brain Activation

Train your brain to help you do what you need to do and understand the opposite sex.
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Stress-Related Physical Issues

Have a physical issue that gets bad with stress? Let Jesus heal the trigger.
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Overcoming Your Fear

Dive yourself in the decision, accept the pain, hang yourself on the right Cross.
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Finding Hope In Life

Do you see yourself in darkness living day by day knowing there won't be a better future?



All these techniques come from an attempt to live out Catholicism to the fullest without compromising Latin Tradition, Orthodox Theology, Carmelite, Franciscan, Charismatic, and much other Saintly Spirituality. We often mistakenly celebrate our insecurities as beautiful gifts that lead to Christ. These techniques are to be used to gain extreme freedom of mind and use our uncontrolled will to love the Trinity. The Truth will set you free. We may label things as dangerous when we don't understand, but for those who understand and free themselves & choose Him, has an easier path to serving Him without unnecessary struggles. We are fully aware of weird practices involving objects, shapes, routines, sacrifices, rituals, and others. We are not trying to help one go through a deep contemplation like St. John of the Cross, but rather, more from learning Jesus' psychology in the gospel and trying out St. Bonaventure's steps of ascension to God.


No, we've also helped Hindus, atheists, and other beliefs. The core of this service is purely a muscle contraction alteration. We learned and administered it to maintain our faithfulness to Jesus while going through the incredible hardship of entrepreneurship. Some techniques are known to hurt when you change the operating agent. In this case, we heavily focus on Jesus as the healer, but it still works, and it is your responsibility to choose whether to accept our suggestion as is or not.


I lived a contemplative life, and was leading a inner healing ministry community, one day, when helping a non-Catholic in a public area, I started noticing something was so different from what I knew from the community. I started noticing other people outside the retreat settings going through weird experience, but somewhat similar. I do have the tendency to monitor my own brain due to some stress that hurt a few spots in my brain, then the journey just grew and grew as I was helping out a few folks. As some said it: you'd understand something if you try to change it. I'd say it was a pure gift from God, given the opportunity to be trusted by others to help heal them.


Psychology in our time is based on empirical studies, more about symptoms instead of definite causes. We have identified brain muscles that can be mapped to most psychological disorder. You should still get help from psychologists to understand your behavior and the events that led you to that behavior. Sometimes, it is dangerous to label people who live by labeling identity, which further complicates the problem. However, those who aren't aware of unconsciousness, could benefit massively from meeting a great psychologist in person. Psychiatrist is helpful if your behavior is endangering someone, internal pressure, or requires immediate intervention, however, suppression is not healing, most people do not remember this basic truth.


In short, no. Dianetics and Silva may contain hypnosis, but the commonly perceived definition of hypnosis is troublesome; opening facebook as escapism is the same as the output of hypnosis. Regardless, hypnosis bends or ends our simulated memory to a different conclusion without any correlation to God, which may be why some Catholic theologians may feel it is incompatible with reason. It can also mess up a definition of a certain stuff. There are only two ways to mitigate this state: remove it or continue the simulation to a healthy ending. We welcome and part Jesus in the process if removal is necessary. In case of replacement of a wrong concept, we always suggest to the person what we know the Church teaches, and if they want to accept it, making one understand a new concept with pure relaxation may have the same effect as hypnosis. All participants are fully aware and do not go into a trance state unless they want to imagine being with Jesus there themselves. We have seen the impact of pulling threads without God, like what is used in the Silva method, sometimes it's okay, many times it becomes a pride.


In some cases, especially when it comes to traumatic experience but we assist clients to use their brain the way knowing how it is supposed to work. However, to remove a memory trapped with emotion, one needs to understand the conclusion in their head. Everyone we helped has yet to learn what causes their behaviors and has no idea how to spot a brain muscle using their mind. While some removals require imagining a disappearance of various kinds to make it to the public, we lead our clients through an imaginary mind, often to remove the self-pinching of one's amygdala and stretch their brain. This allows them to start monitoring muscles in their skull. No, we know many so-called therapists push the emotion to the limit and release them or do muscle relaxation and claim the resulting calmness as healing, in such case, no healing should be claimed, instead, it is one way to suppress or open the pandora box.


Believe it or not, unlike psychological assessment that relies on unpredictable people's memory and wills, everyone is the same once you understand how your mind works, not the label of its impact. Just like a neurologist may point out common issues in the brain since this is a physical alteration of your brain muscles, your other issues may surface one by one, which is healthy. There are cases where along the way, brain pains and muscle entanglement may last from 5 seconds to 1 week, depending on the person. We are not sure if a stroke or hemorrhoid may occur, especially with one with a history of severe anger or depression. Most or all other side effects we've seen were already there but not triggered by your brain in daily life, such as lacking oxygen, cramps, even bleeding. So we do not serve anyone who choose to eliminate their problems asap or are not used to going against their emotion/will.


Regular people may have ~300 - ~1000 mindsets they can remove to gain full control of their will. Traumas differ from person to person, but severe ones may go up to ~30 cases, and some may have hundreds. When one goes through a phase of removing drastic issues, removing one may take 5 seconds, but some may take a few mins to respect the person who wants to be in a quiet moment upon experiencing inner healing. Most, if not all of us, aren't aware of what we have stored in the brain. Having another person looking at at a stressful time may help summarize the output, but to make one hidden memory surface, it usually takes 3min-5 days, so it is not possible to remove all issues at once, because we don't remember them all at once.


No, we are even reluctant to call this therapy, but we take privacy and consent very seriously. We only share this with those who fully own their own choices & mistakes. So far, we don't have any downsides and have healed intense anger, pains, and thousands of unresolved situations. We do not offer a deliverance or exorcism service. If you need urgent help, please call 911 or a priest around you. We will refer you to those if we believe it is a severe diabolic possession. You might wonder why the brain has something to do with the demonic case. Still, a priest suggested that these techniques have freed the destruction the enemy has implanted in one for decades, and they are probably very unhappy. Regardless, there were only two people involved with minor cases. We never had a severe demonic reaction upon healing one's mind.


We give no medical advice; please talk to those you can trust or your doctor. In particular, if you have a severe illness, removing muscles and the entangled roots of the symptoms take time because of the number of mindsets and muscle memories you have accumulate over the years, it is easy to think it is one problem, while your body has made 20 adjustments that need to be removed. None of this inner healing has shown any miraculous repair, despite the subject often attributes them to a miracle, but physical illnesses caused by stress tend to disappear. Please be mindful of your health and take full responsibility for your decision.


We have some materials we can share, but we don't put it on the site since it may be used for a wrong reason.


Email us briefly about you and what you need.

You must make a decision yourself that you will do whatever it takes to overcome your fear to get healed.